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Practical - Sustainable - Cost-effective

Welcome to the world of cloth nappies!

Cloth nappies have come a long way since our parents and grandparents used them. Add to that the increased availability and advancement of washing machines, and you’ve got a practical, sustainable and cost-effective method of diapering your baby.  Need some more convincing? Then scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more about the benefits of cloth nappies. 

Entering into the world of cloth nappies, however, can be complicated unless you have someone to guide you through it. That’s where we come in.

How we can help
Whether you are expecting your first child, or are an experienced parent looking to switch from disposables to cloth, we’d here to help. We'd love to help you make sense of the different types of cloth nappy systems, the various brands on offer and how to take care of your nappies so that they last.

Book a consultation to learn about:
•       The different cloth nappy systems 
•       The various absorption materials and inserts
•       Which nappies can best meet your and your family’s needs
•       Tips on how to correctly take care of your nappies
•       How you can rent a package of nappies to try at home

If you’re already using cloth nappies but are experiencing problems, the consultation will be more focused around the issues you’re facing and 
how to resolve them. 

*Please note: due to current social-distancing measures, consultations 
will take place online until government restrictions are lifted 

We look forward to seeing you at a consultation!

Consultations are offered in and around the Basel area, last around 1.5 hours and cost 120 CHF. This includes two follow-up telephone calls of a total max of 30mins. 

About me
I'm Samina, originally from Scotland. I’ve been on the cloth nappy journey with my kids for over 2 years now and I’ve been constantly learning more and more ever since! I've tried various nappy systems and absorption materials, and learnt about more whilst studying at the Stoffwindelschule Schweiz (Swiss Cloth Nappy Academy). 

As a zero-waste enthusiast, I want to support other parents/grandparents/carers who are intrigued by cloth nappies and help them decide whether or not cloth is the right choice for them. 

I am passionate about living a healthy and natural lifestyle and this has led me on the journey to becoming  a health coach. The challenge of being able to find healthy snacks for my kids during the weaning phases and beyond, I started to experiment with my own recipes. I offer workshops and taster-sessions for my clients to share some of my learnings. 

I have been doing elimination communication and baby led weaning with my baby, so I'd be happy to talk about these topics too!


- Cloth nappies can grow with your baby meaning less need to buy different sizes. You can also tailor the absorbency of the nappies as your baby's needs change.

- Babies using cloth nappies tend to suffer from nappy rash significantly less than those in disposables, making for a happier baby!

- Cloth nappies offer you flexibility around the space available in your home for storage, washing and drying, your baby's absorption needs and your budget. 

- Yes, using cloth nappies will add another 2-4 loads of washing to your weekly routine, but most parents using them will tell you that this quickly becomes second nature



- Using disposable nappies became the norm only a few decades ago so it's  difficult to say how long each nappy takes to biodegrade, but experts estimate it is somewhere around 300 years!

- Unlike disposables, cloth nappies have been around for generations and you can still choose to have your baby in natural materials such as cotton. This is not only better for your baby's skin health due to the nappies being more breathable, but is also an added bonus for the environment as you reduce the amount of artificial materials in circulation. 


- Yes, starting with cloth nappies requires an investment but once you buy these nappies, you have them for the entire duration of your baby's nappy use.

- You can use your collection of cloth nappies for future children, or sell them on to other parents. Using cloth nappies from birth to potty will save you money compared to using disposables!